School Organizational Teams

Thank you to the parents, licensed staff, support staff, and community members that serve with their principals on School Organizational Teams (SOTs). The reorganization effort is centered around moving decision making closest to the students and your role is vital in assisting and advising your principals with important decisions.

Welcome Video For New SOT Members

SOT Spot Newsletter

In response to requests from School Organizational Team (SOT) members, the SOT Spot newsletter has been created as a way to share information more directly from the Clark County School District’s Central Office.

The newsletter will be emailed to all SOT members who have provided email addresses and will be available on this site in both English and Spanish. To sign up to receive these emails in the future, or to share your ideas, please send an email to


SOT Onboarding Training Event

All new and re-elected SOT members were invited to a special onboarding training event on October 11.  Attendees got an overview of the law (AB 469) and the roles and responsibilities of SOTs, networked with other SOT members and District leaders, and had the opportunity to connect with representatives from more than 25 CCSD departments and community groups.

If you missed it, you can check out the video and Powerpoint presentation from the event. Questions can be directed to Additional training videos and materials are available at

What is an SOT?

As prescribed in the law, each school has created a team made up of parents, teachers, support staff, students, and/or community members to assist and advise with many important decisions impacting the school.  The team will be responsible for developing the school’s Strategic Budget and Plan of Operation. Using data to guide key decisions focused on student achievement.  They will also have the ability to weigh in on the hiring of a new principal, when required.

SOT Stories of Success

Increasing diverse family participation across schools is an important step toward creating School Organizational Teams that are reflective of school communities.

To see more videos like this, please visit the Stories of Success page.

Who serves on an SOT?

The Team is comprised of voting and non-voting members.

Voting Members:

  • Parents—three to six members selected by voting process of school’s parent organization and representing 50% of the voting members (if no parent organization exists, principal will lead selection process)
  • Licensed Staff—two to four will be selected by staff in a process developed by the association
  • Non-Licensed Staff—one to two selected by staff in a process developed by the association

Non-Voting Members:

  • School Principal
  • Student Representative (secondary schools only)
  • Community Member (optional)


For more information on the process and how to participate, please view the How to Form SOTs video on the Training page.

How often do SOTs meet?

By law, School Organizational Teams are required to meet monthly, while school is in session.

To find more information for the SOT at your school, please visit to select a specific school and be redirected to the school’s Web page.

Is training available?

To ensure the success of the School Organizational Teams, a variety of training materials is provided on the training page of this Web site.

Where do SOT members go with questions or concerns?

If a question or concern cannot be answered by the school principal, the next level in the chain of command is the School Associate Superintendent that supervises the Performance Zone of which that school is a part.

The Frequently Used Acronyms and Terms list may also help in navigating the SOT discussions about education issues.