Stories of Success

Stories of Success:  Increasing Diverse Family Participation in CCSD Schools

This series of videos was created to highlight positive diversity and inclusion practices around the Clark County School District. Increasing diverse family participation across schools is an important step toward creating School Organizational Teams that are reflective of school communities.

Watch these videos to learn more about how different CCSD schools are engaging families and students and to consider whether these strategies could help increase diverse family participation at your school.

Chaparral High School (PZ8/district G) increases parental involvement by going out into the community. They reach out to families at churches, performances, athletic programs, and other community events.

Matt Kelly Elementary School (PZ14/district C) provides services and supports to families through different city partnerships. These partnerships allow families to participate in workshops and develop job skills, such as resume building and interviewing.

Robert Lunt Elementary School (PZ15/district D) has a highly involved School Organizational Team that evolved from a parent advisory group implemented years ago at the school. The diverse parent representation on their team has been influential in making important school decisions, such as selecting a new principal.

Ann Lynch Elementary School (PZ5/district D) expanded their definition of “family” beyond parents and guardians to include anyone that a student identifies as someone who influences them and supports their education.  They open their doors to families for quarterly visits. During these days, families are able to visit classrooms and experience school with students.

Jerome Mack Middle School (PZ7/district G) provides opportunities for voluntary parent-teacher home visits. These visits allow educators and families to build relationships and learn more about each other, and has resulted in families feeling more comfortable at the school.

Myrtle Tate Elementary School (PZ5/district D) engages families and teachers through Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT), which focus on engaging parents and teachers in order to increase student achievement. Families are personally invited to spend time in their child’s classroom and participate in learning activities.

J.M. Ullom Elementary School (PZ7/district G) engages families with variety of programs and activities, one of which is Parents Educating All Kids (P.E.A.K.). Parents learn instructional strategies and work with their children one-on-one in the classroom.

Fredric W. Watson Elementary School (PZ8/district B) is a cornerstone of the community in which they are located.  They host many events for families on campus throughout the year, beginning with a family barbeque at start of the school year, and wrapping up the year with a family picnic day. These are opportunities for families, students, and school staff to build and deepen relationships.